Grass Messenger (Single Channel Moving Image)

In the first, I took divots of lawn from my flat’s garden, travelled with the grass divots to other countries, and finally transplanted them in other places, such as a border area between two nations. It is about the movement of turf. The divots of turf I dug up represented domestic things, but I transplanted them abroad. I planted them in the borderland on either side of the Monschauer Strasse (Belgium)/Eupener Straße (Germany). This is the same road between the two countries, but each country has a different name for it.

By moving lawns from my private place into the borderland, I became a messenger moving things to another place that is uncertain between two countries. By doing this site-specific act, I tried to transplant domestic stuff from place into a non-place. It breaks the rules between two countries; I did act dubiously. The act of moving turf is not encouraged between nations; however performing such a provocation reflects my humble work and life in London.

I skilfully transplanted the lawn from my house into a new place at the border area and the lawn finally looked pretty similar to the rest around it. I then dug out some local grass from the borderlands and carefully transplanted them into my house’s garden. A bit of my garden was therefore replaced by grass from the borderland of another country.

Afterward, this document of moving turf is being projected into nowhere at night in the third place where has no connection with the document such as my country. Which act of moving grass between two nations in Europe is being moved and shown into another places over and over again. This makes my act of moving grass between my place and border into hazy, misty, dim, vague and obscure.

Also I kept watching the transplanted parts of my garden for the next couple of weeks and checked their success in settling down in the new place. This is the idea of inside and outside. The lawn from inside (the garden in the house) is transplanted outside (uninhabited borderland). In my film, the borderland reflects a form of dialectic division.

Date: 2013